Guidance in Finding the Best Environment for your Child to Thrive

Finding the right school or treatment program for your child is one of the most important decisions your family will make. If chosen wisely, this experience will be life changing and lead to future success. With all the choices available, making this decision can be overwhelming.

New Chapter Consulting provides you with personalized guidance in making an informed choice.

Kris travels extensively around the country, visiting schools and programs, maintaining up to date information on what they have to offer and evaluating the quality of the the services.
With over 30 years of experience as a clinical social worker, she brings her unique understanding of what children need to grow and be successful to guide families to the most appropriate schools.

School and Program Options

• Therapeutic Wilderness Programs or Hospitals
• Residential Treatment Centers
• Specialized Day or Boarding Schools
• Summer Programs
• Wilderness Programs
• Young Adult Transitional Programs
• Supported Living Situations for adults with psychiatric and/or cognitive challenges
• Therapeutic Boarding Schools

For more information on each of these options, click here for School and Program Descriptions


Professional Member of the
Independent Educational Consultants Association

From Our Clients

  • Kris walked us through the entire process from selecting a wilderness therapy program to selecting a therapeutic boarding school. Her extensive knowledge and familiarity with the programs and staff was irreplaceable. The programs we chose were based on having talked to the the specific therapists who were compatible and familiar with our daughters’ needs. We could not have been happier with her guidance and suggestions throughout this difficult process.
    David, father from Essex, Vermont
  • During a time of crisis for our family, it was such a relief to work with Kris, whose extensive specialized knowledge helped us to choose the most appropriate programs and services for our daughter. Kris was responsive, understanding, supportive, efficient, and very quick to provide the information we needed, and her guidance and encouragement were a comfort during some difficult times. Happily, things are much improved for our family these days, and we are grateful for Kris’s support throughout the process.
    Gail, Danville, Vermont
  • When our son went into crisis, we were plunged into the alien world of therapeutic care with its perplexing jargon, facilities and rules.  The best move we made was engaging Kris, whose mission is to guide folks like us in extreme need. She took the time to understand our plight, apply her expertise, connect with her network and arrange just the right care for our boy. Simply, with so much on the line at such a painfully charged time, Kris' expert counsel was invaluable.
    Duane, Essex, Vermont
  • Kris responded quickly when our son was expelled from his boarding school and focused on finding the right therapists in the most appropriate therapeutic environments. She has a very personalized approach, using her breadth of knowledge of the available programs, wide ranging network, personal experience of our son, and responsiveness to our needs as parents. Her recommendations have resulted in real progress for our son and a high level of comfort for us that we are doing the best we can for him. We have no hesitation in recommending her to US or International families.
    Sarah & David, London, England
  • Kris Karge has been an educational consultant for our family on several occasions since 2007. Her guidance has been thoughtful and straight forward. Her recommendations are well researched, often based upon personal visits to programs. She has directed us to high quality programs that have greatly benefitted our children. She has been very helpful to us as parents, and relates well to teens and young adults. We highly recommend her.
    Sarah, Burlington, Vermont
  • I contacted Kris Karge at the time of a serious crisis with one of my children. The programs Kris offered to us were exactly appropriate, in terms of peer group, atmosphere and program offerings. What I appreciate most about Kris is her professionalism, connection and first hand knowledge of programs and schools, responsiveness, effectiveness in educating us about available resources, and compassion for our family. Her steady, kind, knowledgeable help enabled me to help my child.
    Kristen, Norwich, Vermont