Residential Treatment Centers

These programs offer the most intensive clinical services and the highest level of structure with 24/7 supervision. Most offer individual therapy 2 times weekly, multiple group therapy sessions, and psychiatric consultation on campus. The schools offer school year-round and academic support as needed. They offer an integrated and comprehensive team approach with integration of treatment planning among the academic, therapeutic and residential components of the program. Famlly therapy is offered through weekly phone/Skype sessions and regularly scheduled family workshops on campus. The average length of stay is 8-12 months.


Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Many adolescents transition from wilderness programs or residential treatment centers into therapeutic boarding schools. They provide a therapeutic structured environment with a positive peer culture that supports a child’s continued academic and social-emotional growth so that they may transition home or onto a traditional boarding school or college. They offer a year-round accredited college prep academic program and many offer individualized learning support. With rolling admissions, they offer the opportunity for credit recovery and getting back on track with graduation requirements. Many of the schools have excellent art, theater, music and sports programs, as well as community based volunteer opportunities. Individual, family and group therapy is offered weekly and there are family workshops at the school scheduled throughout the year. The average length of stay is 12-18 months.