Short Term Programs

Wilderness Programs

Wilderness programs provide a very effective “high impact” intervention for an adolescent or young adult who is stuck in a self-defeating pattern of behavior in school, with peers or family. The wilderness provides an opportunity for experiential therapy which promotes new insights, improved self-esteem and motivation. Defiance, depression and anxiety issues have been successfully treated in wilderness settings and specialized programming for substance abuse, attachment disorders and students on the autism spectrum is also available. Trained clinicians and field staff work as a team providing an excellent alternative to hospitalization for many who have not been able to maintain the gains they have made in an acute care facility. Wilderness programs provide excellent evaluations with increased validity as the testing takes place once a child is on a regular eating and sleeping pattern and emotionally stable. The length of stay is 8-12 weeks.


Hospital-based Programs

There are highly specialized hospitals for further treatment following a short term acute hospital stay or if there is a need for a more extensive evaluation to determine what is best for your child. Some of the issues addressed at these facilities include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance addiction, neurological disorders, and eating disorders. The length of stay is 3-12 weeks.