Presenting concerns may include:

• Defiance at home/school/community, including runaway behavior

• School refusal

• Substance abuse

• Psychiatric disorders

• Eating disorders

• Learning differences

• Executive functioning issues

• Emotional, behavioral, and social challenges

• Autism spectrum disorders

• Attention and memory issues

• Gifted and talented

• Academic underachievement

We work with students from elementary school through high school and post-graduation. Our services are comprehensive and individualized to best meet the needs of your family. Initial meetings take place in our office whenever possible but Skype and conference calls are also available for interviewing.

The consulting process includes:

• Extended interviews with parents and students to assess needs and interests

• Phone interviews with other professionals involved with the student (therapists, case managers, school counselors, physicians, psychiatrists, and teachers)

• Review of recent psychological and educational testing, school records, and any other pertinent data

• Referrals for further testing if needed

• Collaboration with parents, teachers and therapists to best determine the course of action

• Outreach to potential schools to determine appropriateness and availability

• Proposal to the family of a list of school or program options

• Guidance through the admission process

• Follow up services including:  Ongoing contact with key personnel at the school or program and the family for up to 6 months after placement

Crisis Intervention

If a family is in crisis, New Chapter Consulting is available to put together a fast-paced and effective plan. A well timed intervention can provide just the change of direction needed to break unhealthy patterns and give the student and family an opportunity for a “fresh start”. We will work side by side with the treatment team that is already in place to help decide the next step and strategize with the family on how to get their child the help they need.